Huh? What is this “fortuitous wisdom” she speaks of?

I have always pictured my brain to be like a huge file cabinet with many, many drawers. All the drawers are over flowing with overstuffed folders and loose pages spilling over onto the ground. I’ll admit most of the drawers are filled with useless and frivolous information things like, how to keep an earring in after losing the back or how a wooden spoon placed over a boiling pot keeps the water from overflowing. Things our mind deem useful, yet we never really use them.

Unfortunately, for me I am a thought hoarder, my brain holds on to EVERYTHING!! How do I cope? Well, I tend to forget the small stuff, well at least the stuff my unusual and often unruly brain decides is useless, like deciphering my left from my right, which is something I still have to think about. Sadly, sometimes even having to go as far as pretending to write my name in the air just to remember which hand is my right hand. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself a complete idiot, at least not all the time, but I do often question my high IQ.

On paper, I am considered to have an above average intelligence, yet I make some of the most menial and obvious mistakes, that I question whether or not I have some kind of learning disability when it comes to life. The more I ponder the more I realize that I have learned more about life and about myself, not by making the right decision straight outta the gate, but by making a lot of bad choices with good intentions.

Now that I am in my forties, I realize I have an opinion about a lot of issues, mostly due to all the mistakes I’ve made through the years. I call this fortuitous wisdom, or wisdom gained by knowing what “not” to do. I like this idea it makes all my mistakes not really mistakes after all but opportunities to learn, not just about myself but about life in general.

I started this blog to share all my fortuitous wisdom with the world and to give everyone a chance to also share with the world the knowledge we have all gained by being this wonderful and amazing thing called human.


One thought on “Huh? What is this “fortuitous wisdom” she speaks of?

  1. You to the “T” This is wonderful. I do believe I will be reading and checking this every time I see there is a new addition.. Great start to a new beginning…


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