The Seed

what_s-in-a-seedI came across a seed one day. The encounter was quite unexpected, there right out in the open a seed for all to see. Others saw the seed too, but passed it by, not seeing the seed’s potential. I saw it; I saw what this lonely, forgotten seed could become. I pictured it growing, sprouting and digging its roots deep into the fertile ground. Rising from the earth with power and grace; spreading its branches in all directions. I pictured it blossoming with flowers overflowing with sweet smelling nectar. I all but imagined the juicy, sweet fruit it would bear, oh this amazing unique little seed

With high hopes, I gently picked up the seed and ran home to plant it. I buried the seed deep in fertile ground, giving it what I felt it needed to grow. I watered it, I fertilized it, and I gave it plenty of sunshine. At first I convinced myself that I saw it begin to sprout. Yes, there it is, I think I see it sprouting. I am so excited for this seed to begin to grow, but I knew it would take time; I would have to be patient. All good things come to those who wait.

Days became weeks and the seed remained the same. It just needs more water, I thought so I gave it more water. It just needs more fertilizer, so I gave it more fertilizer. It just needs more sunshine, so I gave it more sunshine. This little seed is going to be strong and fortified with all the care I am giving it. Time marches on and still the seed does not appear to have grown at all. Oh little seed, what more could you possibly need to grow?

Time is impatient and continues to march forward. Water, Sunshine, Fertilizer I can spare but, can I spare the time? Should I invest any more time and effort into you little seed? I should cut my losses and come to terms with the facts. No matter how much water, fertilizer and sunshine I give it, this seed will not grow. No matter how much time I give this little seed, it will not grow. This little seed is simply just a seed and the only way it will reach the skies in the belly of a bird.

I once came across a little seed; I picked it up and planted in fertile land. I watered it, I fertilized it, I gave it plenty of sunshine and yet the seed remained a seed. It did not grow or sprout; it did not dig its roots deep into the soil and it certainly did not bare sweet, juicy fruit. Seed, you were a leap of faith that I took and although after all I invested in you, you did not grow I was still able to gain something from my attempts at helping you grow. I learned that not all seeds will sprout, not all seeds will bear fruit, not all seeds are meant to rise up out of the earth with dignity and grace, some seeds, are just food for the birds. In the end they are destined to be nothing more than shit.


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