Reasons to Laugh!!

A tidbit about myself, I am a single mother, have been for over 16 years. I have two now teenage sons, and my oldest who is in his early twenties. This coupled with my years spent in the classroom with children of all ages lead to my curiosity about the youth culture and how they communicate and interact. The following is a series of post I made on my Facebook page. I am proud to say that people found them interesting, informative, and slightly comical, I decided to share. Here they go,  hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them…

First Post written May 2, 2014

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. I have a question for all of you. Have you ever found yourself wondering what the heck your kid is saying? Well, as a mother of teenagers and young adults I find myself asking what the hell are they talking about almost on a daily basis. So I dove deep into the urban culture and I can now say that I am fluent in youth language. So in honor of paying it forward I will bring you the knowledge you need to properly communicate with your teen, preteen, or young adult. 

Today’s phrase is “Throwing shade” this means to cop an attitude. Example: If I was as ugly as her I’d be throwing shade too!
That concludes today’s lesson stay tuned tomorrow for another lesson in how to communicate with the younger generation. Thanks for tuning in and may no one throw shade your way!

Second Post written May 3, 2014

Good morning world, today we will be continuing our lesson on how to properly communicate with your preteen, teen, or young adult. Today’s phrase(s)is:
“Mean Mugging”- used as a verb. At first, I was concerned when I heard my son say that someone was mean mugging him. Knowing the term mugging, refers to being robbed, so I assumed mean mugging meant to be robbed in a mean or brutal fashion. Luckily, I was mistaken. Mean mugging is a phrased used to describe someone who is starring at you hard with a “mean” or aggressive face. Basically, someone giving you severe dirty looks. Mean mugging is often used along with the term “jelly”and no it is not the tasty dessert. Jelly to kids these days, is an abbreviation for Jealous. 

Example: That girl at the club has been mean mugging
me the whole night, she must be jelly.

That concludes today’s urban language lesson. Hope
everyone has an awesome Saturday, try not to make anyone jelly and may the only mean mugging you do is at your children.

Third Post written May 4, 2014 

Good afternoon Folks, it’s time again for another lesson in youth linguistics. Today we will be learning two new words to spice up your vocabulary, Basic and Extra. I know you are thinking, that those are not new words. You are right, the words are not new but once again those clever little buggers have taken common words and re-defined them to mean something completely different. Let’s start with basic. Basic, an adjective is usually accompanied by the word bitch, making it a noun. A basic bitch can be a male or female but is typically used towards females. A basic bitch is a low class girl who believes she has it going on but sadly she doesn’t. A basic bitch, usually has questionable morals, no money and extremely jelly of other females. Her taste in fashion is often questionable at best. She talks big but never delivers. She pretends to be wholesome and trustworthy but is most often sneaky, dishonest and loose. Basic bitches sometimes travel in packs or herds. They generally have minions that they have manipulated into believing their off the wall accounts. That brings us to the extras, which can be used as an adverb, adjective or noun. When you think of extra you think of something that exceeds your expectations, but that’s not the case here. An extra is a follower. Think of extras on movie sets. Someone who is quite often overly dramatic but sadly irrelevant. In other words no cares because everyone has already grown accustom to their overly exaggerated tales and over the top reactions to almost every situations. Extras are often found along side basic bitches and have even been known to dwell among a basic bitch’s entourage. Unfortunately, a basic bitch’s needs to be the center of all attention and an extra’s overly dramatic personality clash and most often than not, physical altercations erupt. Only to later make up and pretend to like each other again. If you come across these frienemies, keep your distance their drama is powerful and before you know it you can get caught up in their whirlwind and find yourself asking, wtf? Also keep in mind that both of these terms can be applied to one person.

Example: Shaniqua is a basic bitch, she showed up to the wedding wearing stilettos and tight ass booty shorts with her legs ashy and hairy. Her twerking on the dance floor and messy purple weave was so extra!

That concludes our lesson for today. Hope you all enjoy your peaceful Sunday, and remember avoid basic bitches and extras who are always out to steal your joy.

Fourth and Final Post written May 6, 2014

Good Morning Facebook family. Today we will be continuing our lessons in teen talk. It is important, as parents, for us to be able to decipher what our children are talking and texting about. Staying involved in their hi-jinx and drama helps us to better understand why they are throwing shade or scarier yet, why they’re in a good mood. Today’s two new vocabulary words will be flaggin and thirsty. The first word we will be discussing is flaggin, the “g” is left off on purpose. Flaggin is a verb but can also be use as an adverb. Flaggin, means to not follow through with something you said you would do or to not follow the plan.

*For Example: Nick was suppose to be our lookout, but that flaggin ass mf never showed up.

Second word of the day is thirsty. This is obviously another one of those words that they have so cleverly changed the meaning of. Thirsty now means to be desperate for attention. To be overly eager to get play. Think about how desperate you would be for water after being lost in desert for days, that kind of desperate. This term applies to both males and females.

*For Example: When he got out after being locked up for two years, Nick was so thirsty he even hit on my moms!

Well that concludes today’s lesson. May all of you have a productive and blessed day and remember to always do what you say and say what you do, don’t be flaggin!!


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